Remembering Mo Green: State Superintendent of Education Race

Michelle Morrow– an excellent conservative candidate– is running for state Superintendent of Education against democratic socialist candidate Mo Green. Readers might recall Green used to lead the Guilford County Schools system.

WRAL has an interesting article that gives Green the floor regarding safety in schools. While they made it sound like he was interested in this issue, the evidence regarding his period of leadership in Guilford County indicates otherwise. The school system’s efforts to maintain order in the classroom were half-hearted at best. Teachers were driven from the classroom because administration would not support them on this issue. That is still the state of affairs to this day.

Green was interested in building administrative empires; and continuously was seeking more monies for the school system when he was here in Guilford County.

This race ought to be a slam dunk for Morrow. We shall see. But the truth needs to get out about Mo Green’s time in Guilford County. Otherwise, mainstream media outlets like WRAL will sanitize his presentation and confuse voters.


2 thoughts on “Remembering Mo Green: State Superintendent of Education Race

  1. The local Board of Education is a cesspool of socialists and that is a large part of the problem with Guilford County’s schools.

    And yes please do vote for Morrow.

    1. Your characterization of the school board is accurate, Fred. The very idea that Green ought to be qualified for this position by virtue of having led Guilford County Schools is ludicrous. Everybody ought to know what Guilford County is all about.

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