Selective Greensboro Memorials

Triad City Beat has a story about a small group of white folks who staged a media-directed memorial for Marcus Hairston. Hairston was the black fellow who died when he was restrained by Greensboro police. He had been reported to police because he was wandering in the streets in a delirious state. Of course, this became a major cause for certain Greensboro progressive/socialist folks eager to undermine the police.

I find it interesting that this crowd has not chosen to stage memorials for the many black Greensboro residents who are killed by other African-Americans. True homicide is apparently of no interest. Certainly the corrupt media would not be nearly as eager to highlight such a memorial. Perhaps they all justify their blithe indifference by citing the fact that this type of homicide is fairly commonplace in Greensboro.


2 thoughts on “Selective Greensboro Memorials

  1. TC: Of course you are correct. Black on black murder barely gets a mention in the local media. I am sure the homicide detectives are working just as hard on all cases regardless of the race of the victim. I wouldn’t be surprised if at times they get jaded.

    The fact is that Greensboro is little Chicago and nobody gives a s–t especially the clowns that govern the Peoples Republic of this here city.

    1. There is this symbiotic relationship– this corrupted relationship– between the activists and the media. The people that govern the city share the same worldview. It is a witch’s brew that leads to more black-on-black homicides.

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