“We are Fighting a War Against Russia…”

She declares this openly. She is a foreign minister, and appears to be speaking with regard to the European Union. But draw your own inferences, and consider the implications as we now decide to send Ukraine tanks in addition to all the monies and munitions previously provided:


4 thoughts on ““We are Fighting a War Against Russia…”

  1. Our current administration is waging a “hot war” with Russia.
    We’re just paying the Ukrainians to die in our place.

    1. I think that is a fair way of characterizing it, Jaycee. The insanity astounds, and I really hope we don’t pay a severe price in the long run. Of course, we are already paying an economic price, but it could turn much worse in terms of a “hot war” being waged against US.

  2. So the FRGs Foreign Minister has declared war on Russia. Well now , how did work out the last time Germany declared war on Russia.

    Just askin’.

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