Hospitals Losing Money Because of Staff Shortages

Today there were some reports about lots of hospitals losing money last year. That typically does not happen.

But they drove away staff with vaccine mandates and other arbitrary, nonsensical Covid-related policies. Many hospitals are nearly always “full” because they have shut down many beds due to staffing shortages. Operating rooms are being closed.

When all of this was happening, it was a failure of government to hold the hospitals in line. The courts should have been a remedy. Republican-led states should not have allowed all of this.

Here is an excellent report from Sharyl Attkisson about the experience at Houston Methodist, which is typical of what had been happening nationwide and here in North Carolina:


4 thoughts on “Hospitals Losing Money Because of Staff Shortages

  1. Ten dollars for an aspirin ? Losing money. They should be rolling in the dough.

    COVID vaccine mandates are wrong, wrong , wrong !!!!

    Science driven… LOL

    Who will listen ?

  2. Went to Cone Hospital Emergency Room in November.
    Checked in at 10:30PM Saturday night.
    Sat in the waiting room for 13 HOURS until 11:30AM Sunday.
    Was taken to an exam room and waited two more hours for the Doc to come in.
    Doc told me they have no night nurse staff, everyone who comes into the ER after about 9PM has to wait until the day shift nurses come to work at 11AM the next day.
    Total failure in providing quality health care to the community.

    1. Jaycee, Cone Health shot itself in the foot with its absurd reaction to the pandemic– feeding into all the fear and panic and hysteria– and then its forcing the vaccine on its people. Even though there are physicians at Cone’s highest levels of leadership, the system lacked fundamental understanding about how to proceed– from a medical standpoint, but also from a leadership standpoint.

      This was all very unnecessary. They are still forcing masks on their employees.

      There really needs to be a much higher level of accountability. As you suggest, patients are being served poorly because of this.

      But what we have observed over the last several years is that they also lack one critical attribute– wisdom.

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