Local Pastor Muses on Being “Woke”

This is a great example of clergy instructing their congregation and the wider population about the evil, spiritually bankrupt trends in politics and culture; and contrasting them with authentic Christianity. He makes brief reference to those erroneously adopting a “social gospel” that adheres to “woke” expectations. Rev. Neil Stewart, originally from Northern Ireland, is pastor of Christ Covenant Church on Jefferson Rd. in Greensboro:


2 thoughts on “Local Pastor Muses on Being “Woke”

  1. What a wonderfully gospel inspired message.

    I personally know that the Methodist Church is going through a great schism presently.

    Where all this leads us is uncertain.

    1. We need this kind of clarity from the pulpit. (I think the progressive United Methodists, from what I hear, were unprepared for how many churches were going to try to choose the more conservative new Methodist denomination.) Hard to know where this is all going in our society, but the pastor makes a great point that we can decide where our permanent home will be.

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