#MeToo In The Southern Baptist Convention: Beware Leftists Taking Over Conservative Churches and Denominations

The #MeToo movement became popularized during recent years. This movement consists of women making allegations of sexual assault or impropriety against men. These allegations often turn out to be false. Many women use these type of allegations to achieve some other objective. High profile examples include Justice Clarence Thomas, Justice […]

How Do Christians Facilitate The Takeover By The Marxists?

A couple of articles I saw recently suggested a couple of methods. First, Tim Pool states the following: “Where we are in my generation? I blame Christian conservatives. “And it’s because they’re too good of people, and they were very tolerant and accepting of so many really bad people that […]

John Podesta’s Actions to Sabotage the Catholic Church

Podesta is a long-term democratic socialist operative and a heavy hitter. He was exposed during the WikiLeaks scandal nearly a decade ago. But Biden just appointed him to be his Climate Czar after John Kerry resigned. An interesting article exposes his machinations to undermine and sabotage the Catholic Church: (E)mails […]

Pastor Ronnie Rogers on Social Justice and the Church

Rogers is the long-serving pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, Oklahoma; and has been a leader within the Southern Baptist Convention. He states the following in the book, “Christianity and American Culture Today”: (…You) should never equate social justice with God’s justice, as revealed in Scripture, because social justice […]

“Unify Project” Another SBC Swerve To The Left

I recently became aware of an initiative led by two former presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention. It is called the “Unify Project”. What is the purpose of this project? It is putatively to further racial reconciliation. The question then arises as to how this program works. The website gives […]