Vandalized Pride Banners in Greensboro Churches

Two of the most prominent culturally Marxist churches in Greensboro are highlighted in a News and Record story. These “churches” had apparently been hanging Pride banners, but vandals had repeatedly defaced and/or stolen the banners.

We need to keep in mind that God’s justice is often delayed. We often do not experience God’s justice in our own lifetime, because he saves it for the afterlife. That will also be true for the two “churches” highlighted in the article.

In fact, if these two “churches” had experienced God’s justice at this very moment, they likely would have been reduced to rubble by supernatural forces. The Bible teaches repeatedly about false teachers; and God does not smile upon them. But He also does not smile upon those who brazenly defy His teachings.

Several stolen or defaced banners do not even remotely approximate what these “churches” truly deserve. Of course, the corrupt media attempt to portray them as victims, but are blind to the larger issues.

NOT UNRELATED: Triad City Beat offers us a local “Reverend” who tells us erroneously that Jesus is in the midst of Pride. The device utilized, of course, is to cherry pick to a verse or two, and ignore the remainder of scripture’s counsel.


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