6 thoughts on “Another Covid Story

  1. TC: Thanks for for sharing that sad,sad story. I can’t help but wonder how many times it has been repeated, Fauci and Brix need to be prosecuted .

    1. Fred, I think there were many people died not knowing what was available, and not knowing what was going on. But there were some people who knew, as in the case of this particular patient and his family. Death under those circumstances is even more painful emotionally for everyone involved. The hospital systems failed them…

  2. These stories need to be told. These horror stories. These stories of deep corruption.

    The Prep Act was a major step towards a fascistic medical system. Government privileging of immunity from liability for the harm you do…is too damned much government.

    1. Healey, as much as I hate the legal system for liability, it is a necessary evil because it causes organizations and individuals to do the right thing more often. Take it away, and unleash what we have now seen.

  3. The Prep Act is why the National Security Council was in overall charge of the Plandemic policy apparently. Gain-of-function their path to power.

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