William Wolfe on the SBC

This interview with Mr. Wolfe illustrates the concerns he has had with the direction of the Southern Baptist Convention. He discusses, among other things, the compromised leadership of JD Greear from North Carolina; the introduction of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) into the convention; the phenomenon of some of those employed within the denomination profiting off the current system and therefore refraining from taking corrective action; and also the overall pattern of “peaceful, managed decline”. Wolfe is a serious thinker and a very good communicator. He is the fellow who wrote the book on Christian Nationalism. More recently, he has launched the Center for Baptist Leadership to advocate for biblical change within the denomination. This video is well worth watching:


2 thoughts on “William Wolfe on the SBC

  1. There are plenty of destructive troubles in the SBC which require some dramatic changes.. Its leaders need to listen to their congregants.

    1. Yes, Fred, that is a good point made in the video also that leaders need to listen to congregants. Unfortunately, that tends not to happen. And yes, dramatic changes are needed. There is major institutional inertia– and conflicted/ nefarious influence from the employees of Convention agencies, boards and institutions. The churches need to rise up.

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