The Wreckage Caused By Birth Control

The problem was that it severed the relationship between sex and procreation. That led to all kinds of devastating impacts– many of which have been discussed here and elsewhere.

But Mary Eberstadt shares another dimension. She is a considerable thinker on matters such as these. And she states birth control has caused a gaping hole in the lives of many of us. Why? There are family members and relatives we ordinarily would have had who were never born. Check out this video that lays out the case:

Moreover, Don Surber has an interesting point. He points out that research shows the single most important factor that leads to a culture that flourishes is prenuptial chastity. He yearns for a return to a time when the relationship between men and women was much different than it is today. (HT: Leon)


2 thoughts on “The Wreckage Caused By Birth Control

  1. Nothing good came out of the sexual revolution. Period ! Hope that there are encouraging signs of a reckoning.

    1. Fred, I think there are some younger people who recognize some of the errors that have been made, and are trying to take a different course. I hope there turns out to be enough of them.

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