Southern Baptist Convention Update

This is a great discussion between two young men who admirably feel a personal sense of mission to fix what is broken in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). In fact, it is striking that two young men are openly discussing this matter when many older clergy have demonstrated such poor stewardship during recent years.

They correctly point out that liberals tend to target and infiltrate and subvert biblical denominations. In fact, these are correctly characterized as wolves and heretics. They say this has affected both the SBC and the Presbyterian Churches in America– a conservative Presbyterian denomination.

They recount the various offenses that have occurred within the Convention– embrace of critical race theory, MeToo, churches with woman pastors, LGBTQ and the climate change narrative. They state correctly that obsessing on race-related issues was the first domino to fall. (They don’t even begin to discuss Russell Moore’s immigration alliance with George Soros.)

They cite six years of particularly poor leadership within the SBC, including the several years JD Greear served as president. They recount how Greear had once dabbled in transgender pronouns.

Of the agencies within the SBC, they identify only the International Mission Board as being worthy of support. They state the North American Mission Board and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission both have gone astray. They express concerns about the seminaries– but particularly Southeastern Baptist seminary in Wake Forest. (Indeed, they have much to say about that particular seminary just a couple of hours away).

The first 24 minutes of this video provide excellent background, but stick with the entire video if you feel led to do so.


2 thoughts on “Southern Baptist Convention Update

  1. TC: I know a lot of the machinations going on in the SBC are troublesome and discouraging to you. After watching the video I see hope for reform . Problem is that there is no refuge from the apostasy except one ( IMB ) that was mentioned.
    Control of the seminaries, as you have suggested in other posts, could be the salvation. And of course the election of the SBC President.

    Interesting note: Will Graham ( grandson of Billy Graham ) is a graduate of Southeastern .

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