Liberal Mainline Church Activism Lacks A Counterbalance

I saw two stories over the last couple of weeks that illustrate an important point.

First, the National Council of Churches has launched a new nationwide effort to mobilize voters. Why is this important? It is comprised mostly of liberal mainline Protestant churches. That means voters within those churches– much more likely to be progressive/socialist– are going to be targeted.

This is not unusual. Left-leaning churches and denominations are brazenly political, while those on the right wring their hands about church/state separation and their tax-exempt status.

What is the second story? The Southern Baptist Convention’s North American Mission Board has implemented a training manual that espouses critical race theory, “social justice”, “wokeism”, and cultural Marxism. Of course, these positions are profoundly unbiblical. We therefore witness a previously conservative denomination leaning heavily to the left.

This means there is no effective counterbalance to what the National Council of Churches is doing. The largest “conservative” denomination is too busy agreeing with them.


2 thoughts on “Liberal Mainline Church Activism Lacks A Counterbalance

  1. TC: I believe that the forces of biblical truth will triumph over the leftist schemes of the devil. The bible tells us so.

    Psalm 94:15

    For justice will prevail and all the morally upright will be vindicated.

    There is an absolute truth whether we know it or not. As one opposing debater said to another, “We can both be wrong but we both can’t be right”. So what is truth?

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