US Supreme Court Considers North Carolina Congressional Gerrymandering Case

The Carolina Journal has two good articles about deliberations at the US Supreme Court today. Recall that the socialists picked up a large number of congressional seats in North Carolina one month ago because our state Supreme Court had mandated new districts. The socialists on the state’s high court had […]

The Handling of the Vaccine is Evidence of a Much Deeper, Systemic Problem

Dr. Malhotra went public questioning the vaccine several months ago. It has become somewhat of a crusade for him; and he seems motivated in part by the probability that the vaccine killed his father. What follows is a fairly remarkable talk. I should emphasize that he is not a conservative; […]

Elon Musk’s Unmasking of the Socialists’ Censoring of the Hunter Biden Laptop During 2020 Election Season

Musk is a complex figure. Many of his instincts as revealed by his public comments and his reactions to certain events and statements suggest that he is right-thinking on many matters. He does not appear to be a Christian. He has extensive business interests in China, and is compromised from […]