New Biden EPA Plan to Cause Electric Prices to Be Five Times Higher

Michael Regan is Biden’s EPA Administrator. He used to serve in a comparable role here in the state of North Carolina. When Biden appointed him a couple of years ago, Regan was somewhat of an object of celebration in the regional media/left complex because he is a progressive/ socialist black […]

North Carolina Attracts National Attention Again Because of Transgender Treatments

For the second time in a period of one week, the state of North Carolina’s medical schools and hospital systems (UNC, Duke, ECU) have attracted negative national attention because of the transgender treatments they are providing to minors. Matt Walsh skillfully points out that their denials are balderdash, malarkey:

Civil Service Board Would Undermine Greensboro’s Corrupt Machine Politics

We had reported about the Civil Service Review Board bill passed in the NC House a couple of weeks ago, and there have been various news stories about it since then. One article noted some expressed concern about the ability of the city manager to take action in the event […]

NC First “Lady” Doesn’t Like Crime in Her Neighborhood, “Sick of These People”

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s wife is Kristin Cooper. She had famously given protesters the finger several years ago. The Cooper’s apparently maintain a home in Raleigh even though they are entitled to live in the Governor’s mansion. One night recently, a man attempted to kick in the door of […]