The Biblical Conception of “Nation”

In the following video, Dr. Russell Fuller introduces the concept of Christian Nationalism by examining what scripture says about nations and tribes and culture. This is a timely topic given the disunity we have within the United States; the challenges presented by immigration; and the overall downward cultural spiral we have been experiencing.

Fuller has been part of the faculty at Southern Seminary. He has some interesting observations and even discusses the matter of multiculturalism from a biblical standpoint. He had given this talk earlier today. It is lengthy but worth the time if you are interested:


2 thoughts on “The Biblical Conception of “Nation”

  1. TC: Thank you for sharing that wonderful homily. I watched the whole thing. Dr. Fuller covered a multitude of thorny issues. facing America today.. conscience… sin …. fear of God… abortion….. trans. His knowledge of the bible is truly impressive .

    1. Thanks, Fred. This was a good talk he gave that clears some of the smoke. We had been made to feel guilty over wanting a nation that is based upon certain commonalities of culture and heritage and mindset, and wanting to preserve it to the extent that we have it (or once had it).

      If you didn’t want to accept huge numbers of immigrants and refugees, you were a bad person– and you were not a good Christian. If you wanted a Christian cultural ethic– you were a bad person because it infringed on the prerogatives of non-Christians. Fuller demonstrates that the biblical teachings and guardrails, in fact, support those impulses and wishes that we have had– and in fact, that they in combination are probably a good idea, and in concordance with what God would want.

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