Greensboro Worse Taxes Than Durham

North Carolina citizens have known for many years that Durham is a far-left jurisdiction with awful politics. This is the place that magically found a stash of thousands of ballots late at night on Election Day approximately seven years ago that helped elect Roy Cooper and Josh Stein.

John Hammer demonstrates in the Rhino Times that property taxes in Greensboro are decidedly higher than property taxes in Durham. Indeed, the arithmetic suggests our taxes are now 20 percent higher.

We now claim the dubious distinction of being worse than Durham.


2 thoughts on “Greensboro Worse Taxes Than Durham

    1. With the different varieties of socialists we have out there, Fred, the folks on our city council likely regard themselves as morally superior to Xi. But your comparison is still valid because we have seen that those we have in the US, given the opportunity, are inclined to become more autocratic, and sometimes try to mimic leaders like Xi.

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