Jimmy Lai and Hong Kong

A very moving documentary tells the story of the people of Hong Kong losing their freedom and the persecution of a certain key figure there — Jimmy Lai. It is shameful that western nations trusted the Chinese communists when Hong Kong was turned over to them.

It struck me as I watched this film that the democratic socialists here in the United States would love to be able to do the things that the Chinese communists did to Hong Kong, and in fact, have already begun (HT: Fred):


2 thoughts on “Jimmy Lai and Hong Kong

  1. I have a dear friend whose son has lived in Hong Kong for 26 years. I am afraid that this man, from what my friend tells me , is content with the oppression there, as long as they don’t throw him in jail . Don’t trust the CCP , oh well unless you are Hunter Biden.

    1. As the documentary points out, Fred, one huge problem is that so many American businesses and individuals make a lot of money by becoming enmeshed with China. We need to decouple from that country completely.

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