Remembering Mo Green: State Superintendent of Education Race

Michelle Morrow– an excellent conservative candidate– is running for state Superintendent of Education against democratic socialist candidate Mo Green. Readers might recall Green used to lead the Guilford County Schools system. WRAL has an interesting article that gives Green the floor regarding safety in schools. While they made it sound […]

Guilford Schools Hitting Up Cities/ Towns For More Money

The News and Record reports this morning that Guilford County Schools Superintendent Whitney Oakley is calling for the cities and towns in the county to start funding the schools. Traditionally, funding has come from several sources– county, state and federal– but now she wants to hit up the towns and […]

Unexpected Wrinkle In Guilford School Board Race Favors the Socialists

Something happened that wasn’t entirely expected. Remember the huge battle between Guilford County Republicans and the the socialist/ culturally Marxist county school board over a certain vacant school board seat that was to be filled by a Republican. The county Republican Party wanted Michael Logan; but the school board maneuvered […]