UNC-G Program Cuts: What They Left Intact

There has been much consternation over the fact that UNC-G has cut certain degree programs. In fact, the faculty has just cast a vote of no confidence against the campus provost.

The programs cut include various hard sciences and humanities— i.e., traditional, longstanding academic program areas.

I was curious to see the programs that escaped elimination so I checked the online catalogue of degrees offered.

Interestingly, I found a couple that were not eliminated:

African-American and African Diaspora Studies, with or without a concentration in Black Popular Culture

Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

These are trash program areas that offer no enhancement of knowledge base or skills that prepare the student for a career or occupation. They are based in identity group focus– and likely, identity group victimization. These types of programs typically offer students easy degrees that require a minimal expenditure of effort. They are throw-away degrees.

It is reasonable to ask why these were not cut, whereas more substantive program areas were cut.

Oh, I anticipate one potential response. Perhaps students are demanding these easy degree programs in greater numbers than the more difficult program areas.


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