Why No Criminal Charges?


8 thoughts on “Why No Criminal Charges?

  1. They killed many more people than the one life they can give, Citizen. From that standpoint, “frying them” might seem charitable. It gets them off the hook relatively quickly and relatively painlessly. A life sentence of hard labor, and deprivation of creature comforts, and public humiliation, and making them an object example, in some combination, might turn out to be more just.

  2. An immense, many-faceted crime, right in front of us. But carried out by the ruling class, as above the law as Communist Party members in the Soviet Union or the “nobility” of feudalist Europe.

    1. Great point that these folks are essentially insulated from the law. Part of this is because of the liability protections written into the laws regarding vaccines (even though the Covid vaccines are not truly vaccines). Part of this is because of the corruption of our institutions– the Deep State, the judiciary, the media.

      1. Exactly so, Triad. We worried about Socialism, but our society collectivized in the other direction. BigPharma/FDA/NIH/CDC/CIA are so married in a corporatist (fascistic) way…they fit together like a hand in a glove, with no one sure who is the hand and who is the glove.

        The regulatory state proved to be the conduit to fascism.

        1. Yes, Healey. And I am afraid that the Citizens United Supreme Court decision was a big part of the problem also. When the politicians are aligned with the administrative/technocratic state on these matters, the problem becomes even more acute because there is no longer even any semblance of checks-and-balances.

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