2 thoughts on “Fire Americans While Hiring Illegals

  1. The fastest way to deal with what is the primary illegal immigration issue, overstays, would be ended if hiring them cost money, per offense, per person.[hire 10 people, get fined $10,000]. if it’s a company, not an individual proprietorship, the company would be on the hook for the fines. There has been a suggestion, that has merit, that jail time could be added for flagrant offenses [companies who hire illegals to staff entire factories etc.] Who would serve it, for how long could be up to a judge, with sentence guidelines to avoid the” slap on the wrist”. [ a fine of $10,000 per worker in a meat plant with 200 illegal workers out of 300 would be a real hit to the bottom line especially if the arrests and deportations meant hiring enough American workers to renew operations]

    Given the current political/economic climate this would never be put into law, but might be created administratively. There would be a lot of whining about “hurting American industry” but if the current philosophy of paying the costs for your infraction of the law would hold, it would end 57% of illegal immigration in a year. Another thing to watch for is a sudden rise in income for officers of ICE. The fines could be partially or entirely be given over to an expansion of the immigration courts, which would make asylum and other adjudications in a timely manner in accordance with current law so they could be admitted or deported quickly. Once the word got out, other immigration offenders would see the handwriting on the wall and leave as well and new ones would think twice. The cartels, which run many of the “coyotes” at the border would take a hit as well.

    The sad truth is that the will to actually do this is probably not there. Immigration is sometimes a lot like other things, everybody complains about it but nobody has the cojones to do something about it.

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