Unexpected Wrinkle In Guilford School Board Race Favors the Socialists

Something happened that wasn’t entirely expected.

Remember the huge battle between Guilford County Republicans and the the socialist/ culturally Marxist county school board over a certain vacant school board seat that was to be filled by a Republican. The county Republican Party wanted Michael Logan; but the school board maneuvered to place on the board Bill Goebel– a liberal Republican. After a prolonged fight, the Republicans and Logan prevailed.

However, there is now an election. Logan is running against David Coates, the Democrat. However, an unexpected development arose. The News and Record reports that Bill Goebel is running as an independent and acquired the signatures needed to get on the ballot. I had seen at least one Goebel sign pop up in my neighborhood.

Interestingly, the news report does not indicate how those signatures were obtained. Who did the work? It would be interesting to know because there is a lot of work involved.

The unfortunate prospect is that a Republican seat may be effectively thrown to the socialists– regardless of whether Coates or Goebel wins.


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Wrinkle In Guilford School Board Race Favors the Socialists

  1. Even they weren’t satisfied having a clear majority on the school board the Democrat Socialists tried dirty pool and eventually they lost.

    Now by hook or crook they have a stalking horse in Goebel. Come on parents , Vote !!

    1. I don’t know how this will play out, Fred. This is certainly filthy.

      Did Goebel go out and get his signatures himself? And if not, who did it for him? I somehow suspect there is a story to tell with that issue if we were ever to find out.

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