2 thoughts on “The Eerie Parallels Between Brazil and the USA

  1. Javier Milei believes that the state “is the enemy” and “a criminal organization” which he see to reduce to its minimum size. He’s doing this amidst criticism and applause from a deeply polarized society. When he took office as president of Argentina in December 2023, the state had 341,477 people employed. Two months later, Milei’s administration had already eliminated 9,000 jobs. And, this past week, 15,000 more layoffs were ordered. New dismissals are expected in the middle of the year…

    Brazil needs some some like Milei and so does the US.

    1. I agree, Fred, big time. I think we can eliminate large portions of our federal workforce by eliminating staff working in areas that are not constitutionally authorized in Article 1, Section 8.

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