Guilford Schools Hitting Up Cities/ Towns For More Money

The News and Record reports this morning that Guilford County Schools Superintendent Whitney Oakley is calling for the cities and towns in the county to start funding the schools. Traditionally, funding has come from several sources– county, state and federal– but now she wants to hit up the towns and cities.

The justification? The massive, absurd infusion of cash provided to the schools during the pandemic is now drying up; and tutoring is needed because of all the learning losses that occurred during the pandemic. The teachers’ unions pressed to keep the schools closed; and government at all levels acquiesced. Extra money was provided by the federal government even though the schools were not properly doing their jobs.

This is yet another illustration of the wreckage that was caused by governmental handling of the pandemic. There was so much damage… in so many ways.

Meanwhile, cities and towns will have to raise taxes on citizens if they agree to her proposal. But we have already seen numerous, hefty tax increases in the recent past.

Ms. Oakley, of course, had been hired by the socialist-controlled Guilford County school board.

I think the cities and towns ought to tell her to take a walk. Figure out a way to get your work done with the funding the school system has always received. And get your greedy hands out of the taxpayers’ respective pockets.


2 thoughts on “Guilford Schools Hitting Up Cities/ Towns For More Money

  1. Amen. Oakley and her ilk are tax and spend bureaucrats . Towns and cities should tell her to keep their sticky fingers off the pockets of tax payers.

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