“Abolition” Should Be The Goal

I attended the Constitution Party of North Carolina convention yesterday. Among the speakers was Wayne Groover, the Director of Education for Abolish Abortion NC.

Mr. Groover pointed out that some pro-life organizations push for the regulation of abortion. He states that his organization is different because it advocates for abortion to be made illegal– i.e., for it to be abolished. He therefore refers to his group and its mindset as “abolitionist”.

He cited the Christian imperatives– and the Christian basis– for adopting this position. But he also described the group’s position as “immediatist“– i.e., that he advocates taking action now because of all the lives being taken; and that he opposes the gradual incrementalism we have typically seen.

He was critical of the Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly. He stated that he contacted legislators when the abortion bill was being considered this year establishing a 12 week limit. He illustrated that the new law allows abortions beyond 12 weeks in some instances. He further points out that the Republican bill– enacted into law– essentially makes abortion legal in the state of North Carolina.

It was pretty interesting to hear him describe the excuses Republican legislators related when they said they could not do better. They claimed they could not override a Cooper veto of a stronger bill. But most importantly, they expressed fear they would lose seats in the General Assembly if they pushed for tighter restrictions on abortion.

Groover had been advocating for a different bill that would have made abortion illegal instead. His talk yesterday was a reminder once again of Republican preemptive surrender and betrayal of the type we have seen many times in the past. And in this case, they are making God very unhappy because the repeal of Roe v. Wade gave them an incredible opportunity.

Now, North Carolina is a destination state for abortions. Women from nearby states with stronger anti-abortion laws come to North Carolina for their procedures. This is absolutely shameful for our state.


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  1. Absolutely abolition should be the goal but that simply is not a realistic possibility . I am not for giving up on stricter measures. It will take a great awakening to right this shame.

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