Russell Moore’s Dance with MSNBC

Earlier this week, the former leader of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission– Russell Moore– appeared on MSNBC. The interviewers for that network expressed repeated concern over evangelicals’ support of Donald Trump.

Remain mindful that the moderators and reporters who work for MSNBC don’t even remotely care about Christianity. In fact, the sum total of their work demonstrates they are opposed to Christianity– i.e., that they are anti-Christ and anti-Christian.

Moore has been reported to be a registered Democrat who was allied with George Soros over open borders. His leadership within the Southern Baptist Convention represented a leftward shift within a previously orthodox denomination; and sought to transform it to a liberal mainline denomination.

One doesn’t have to endorse all of Trump’s previous actions and statements to recognize that there was an ill motive behind this appearance for both the folks at MSNBC and for Mr. Moore. The fact that Moore mouthed certain platitudes regarding what he regards as a Christian model of behavior ultimately proves that he does not want anyone fighting to deliver a righteous, Biblically aligned outcome.

MSNBC’s motive in airing this segment– and Moore’s participation in it– have absolutely nothing to do with assuring that genuine Christianity informs decisions made in Washington:


2 thoughts on “Russell Moore’s Dance with MSNBC

  1. I don’t watch MSNBC. You are correct in what you say about them. Moore has always been openly a Trump hater. That is all I have to say.

    1. I think it is fairly detestable what he has been doing even though I am not an unequivocal Trump supporter. This is a textbook example of the progressive/socialist march through the institutions. He now leads a magazine founded by Billy Graham.

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