How Do Christians Facilitate The Takeover By The Marxists?

A couple of articles I saw recently suggested a couple of methods. First, Tim Pool states the following: “Where we are in my generation? I blame Christian conservatives. “And it’s because they’re too good of people, and they were very tolerant and accepting of so many really bad people that […]

Russell Moore’s Dance with MSNBC

Earlier this week, the former leader of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission– Russell Moore– appeared on MSNBC. The interviewers for that network expressed repeated concern over evangelicals’ support of Donald Trump. Remain mindful that the moderators and reporters who work for MSNBC don’t even remotely care […]

Evangelical Leaders Now Have Responsibility Given What We Have Learned

Chenyuan Snider, The Stream: Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are both required and capable of living by truth but never by lies irrespective of the circumstances we are in.   Regrettably, during the height of the pandemic, Evangelical leaders, Russell Moore, Timothy Keller and Rick Warren just to name […]