Political Contributions from Casino Interests and a Concerned Community

We had reported here several times about the apparent love affair that GOP legislators in Raleigh have with various forms of legalized gambling. They have sought to advance this in various ways over the last several years.

Last week, I had the opportunity to assist with a service project for Camp Carefree off Highway 220 in Rockingham County. The Kiwanis chapter of which I am a member has served a meal to campers for many years at this beautiful facility.

The proposed casino for Rockingham County would be located immediately next door to this camp which serves disabled children. It would lure drugs and prostitution to the area. Moreover, it would tend to attract other types of shady characters who might place the children at risk. The camp and the casino would share a common service road off Highway 220 for access.

I spoke with one of the managers at the camp and they are extremely concerned. This is completely understandable. They should be concerned. My understanding is that the proposal has thrown the normally tranquil community nearby into some turmoil.

It was revealed this week that a number of GOP legislators in Raleigh had received political contributions from individuals advancing this proposal. This report provides the details.

It is not inappropriate to raise questions as to whether there is a “pay-to-play” dynamic.

I don’t think we need casinos or legalized gambling in North Carolina. People should oppose it. But if it were inevitable to accept more casino development in our state– and I hope it is NOT–this particular site would be precisely the wrong location.


4 thoughts on “Political Contributions from Casino Interests and a Concerned Community

  1. That is some excellent reporting by WRAL. But what will be will be, like it or not. The whole camel is in the tent, now.

  2. I saw where Governor Cooper signed a bill that permitted sports and horse racing wagering. Seems that both sides want gambling in this state.

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