3 thoughts on “Investigation of Biden: Plot Thickens

  1. This morning on the radio, Joe DiGenova said that all Archer needs to confirm is that at any one of Hunter’s business meetings, Hunter had his father get on the speakerphone or otherwise answer a call and that’s enough to begin an impeachment inquiry. Joe said that it’s not necessary to know what was said, that the “deliverable” under the bribery statute is the production of the principal in person or by contact (phone). The Justice Department burning the midnight oil on this one is panicking and when that happens, the rulebooks go out the window and people start making decisions as they go along. That’s dangerous and usually turns catastrophic quickly. By week’s end we well could be discussing the upcoming impeachment inquiry.

    1. The multiple points of evidence are becoming overwhelming, Fred. While the socialists are shameless, and will support Biden regardless of the circumstances, they will also do whatever they feel they must do to retain power– because wielding power is the bottom line for them.

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