Dear Mandy’s First Big Announcement as CDC Director

Here is the big news. Mandy Cohen announced that the Covid vaccine will be an annual vaccine to take not unlike the flu vaccine. She had only recently assumed the position of CDC director.

The statement willfully ignores the reams of evidence that have emerged documenting the severe adverse effects associated with the vaccine in large numbers of patients; and a level of effectiveness that is questionable at best.

Dr. Paul Alexander jumped on the news at his Substack. He correctly describes Cohen as a “ding dong”, an egghead and an incompetent; and her guidance as drivel and misinformation.

Heal NC had an outstanding article recently that recounts Dr. Cohen’s background. Take the time to review it.

I found particularly striking that she was active in a “Doctors for Obama” group while she was still in the midst of her medical residency. This is a time in a physician’s career development when the young doctor is under considerable work demands fulfilling the requirements of the residency, studying and preparing for a professional role. Yet she found it a priority to become politically active in the midst of this training to advocate for the type of socialized medicine Obama was pushing.

Moreover, the Heal NC article reveals that her first job out of residency was an administrative position with the federal government. She never spent time doing the grunt work of public health at the local or state level; or thinking deeply about the issues associated with communicable disease control.

Then, after Roy Cooper tapped her to be his Health and Human Services Secretary here in North Carolina, it went all downhill. She committed crimes against humanity in concert with Cooper leading his response to Covid-19.

A great article by Paul Craig Roberts points out that these people likely will not face accountability for what they did. I am taking the liberty of republishing much of it here:

The accumulated evidence is overwhelming that Covid was an orchestrated pandemic. Intentional use of the faulty PCR test, intentional false reporting of Covid deaths as a result of World Health Organization guidelines and financial incentives to hospitals to report all deaths as Covid deaths, and prohibited treatment by known cures together produced a high level of fear that drove the masses to accept the Covid “vaccination” that generated huge monetary gains for Big Pharma and associated shills such as Anthony Fauci and massive inroads on civil liberty by governments.

Hardly anyone died from Covid itself.  They died from lack of treatment.  The protocol was that if you became infected and if you worsened after a week, go to the hospital where you were put on ventilators, an incorrect treatment that usually was deadly.  Doctors who saved the lives of their patients with Ivermectin and HCQ were punished.  Corporate doctors were fired, and those in private practice suffered attacks on their medical licenses by authorities, resulting in loss of license to practice medicine.  Highly distinguished medical scientists who blew the whistle on this death-maximizing approach were demonized, and every effort was made to silence them and to destroy them professionally.

The greatest number of deaths, which continue day by day, is from the Vax. Everywhere every day sports stars and entertainers who served as advertisements for the safety of the Covid “vaccine” are suddenly dropping dead. The corrupt medical establishment turns a blind eye.

The lockdowns, the masks, the “vaccine” did extraordinary harm to people and benefitted no one except Big Pharma’s profits and government’s agenda to weaken civil liberty.

All of this is known, and there has been no accountability.  A program of mass murder and injury to the world population is being ignored.  Medical authorities are still recommending the Death Jab, even for babies.  This guarantees that a second and a third round of death and injury is coming from more orchestrated pandemics.  Bill Gates has promised as much. Such gullible populations can expect no less.

Why is this murderous plot against humanity being ignored?  Thousands of medical scientists and doctors are not ignoring it, but the media continues to accuse the leading experts in the world of spreading “misinformation.”  Efforts continue to be made to silence science and suppress information.  Universities and medical schools themselves are part of the effort to prevent the truth from being acknowledged.

Another part of the problem is that many of those who were deceived and who so adamantly defended the Vax, lockdowns, and masks to family and friends are too embarrassed to admit their mistake.  They are too fragile to say:  I made a mistake and have destroyed the health of my child and killed my mother.  The authorities know the weaknesses of people and use their weaknesses to protect and to further the authorities’ agendas.

The insouciance, gullibility, and weakness of the majority of the population is inconsistent with the continuation of civil liberty.  Totalitarianism is setting in, and it is being tolerated by the masses and joyfully welcomed by Democrats and the Left-wing.


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  1. Mandy Cohen is an incompetent partisan hack who will be cleaning out her office on January 20, 2025. No way the public will accept annual vaccinations and they will NOT be mandates that can be used to punish those who refuse them. Congress has a role to play here . Lets hope they put the reins on Mandy’s insane plans.

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