NC GOP Abortion Solution Not Good Enough

An article in the Raleigh News and Observer states that the Republicans are close to an agreement on abortion. The current law in North Carolina outlaws abortion in most cases after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Tim Moore said that, in the eyes of the Raleigh GOP, 12 weeks is the magic number. That means women would remain free to have their babies killed during the first three months of pregnancy without any type of significant limitation.

We are apparently supposed to accept this as the work product of the “pro-life party”. What a sham.

People really need to look at the Constitution Party.


2 thoughts on “NC GOP Abortion Solution Not Good Enough

  1. Let me just say this. Take what you can and hope for a better day. Of course a total ban would be preferable. If the Democrats were in charge there would be no restriction even partial birth abortions.

    1. Some states are doing 6 weeks. I would approve an outright ban, but 6 weeks would be better than 12. Part of my concern is that their timidity reflects the fact that many of their members don’t really want to eliminate abortion.

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