2 thoughts on ““Low-T GOP”, Bud Light and the Trans Issue

  1. In 1968 I purchased shares of Anheuser-Busch. It was a good investment in an American company started by German immigrants. In 2008 I was forced to sell my shares for cash when InBev purchased AB. As a share holder I did vote against the merger.

    I have mixed feelings about boycotts. It is true that AB was is a large contributor to the GOP. Donald Trump Jr. called for an end to the Bud Light boycott while conservative firebrand Ben Shapiro had this to say:

    ” Those who are calling off the dogs with regard to Bud Light are generally part of the Republican donor class, who disproportionately fall into the category of socially liberal and fiscally conservative. They are unrepresentative of the base or the middle of the country.”

    Right now I think I would rater have a Sam Adams Boston Lager. ( and Sam Adams founder Jim Koch praised Trumps’s tax cuts )

    Beer and politics can be tricky.

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