Whose Interests are Served by Intensifying Chaos?

Consider the events of the last six years:

  1. The Russia Hoax
  2. Two impeachments, one of which was based on a phone call between heads of state
  3. A stolen presidential election
  4. The orchestration of the January 6 events
  5. The turning of the Justice Department against citizens
  6. Increasing censorship
  7. The Covid lockdowns
  8. Forced vaccinations with an experimental vaccine
  9. Gender-related absurdity pushed on minors against parents’ wishes
  10. The BLM/ Antifa riots
  11. Attacks on food production, and takeover of farms by folks like Bill Gates and also China
  12. Attacks on the electrical grid
  13. Fighting a proxy war against Russia using a localized skirmish in Ukraine
  14. The bombing by the United States of a pipeline supplying Russian energy to Europe
  15. A Chinese spy balloon floating over the US, and the subsequent shooting down of multiple “UFO’s”
  16. Increased Russian military activity over Alaska and in the Baltic Sea region
  17. The threatening of the water supply for millions of people due to a major environmental catastrophe in Ohio due to a train derailment– and then two subsequent derailments elsewhere in rapid succession
  18. Deliberately instigated inflation caused by massive governmental spending.

Arguably, our country has not been doing well.

Jack Posobiec yesterday commented on many of these events happening simultaneously or in sequence. He referred back to the term, Mass Formation Psychosis, that was applied to the manipulation of folks’ emotions and attitudes and beliefs during the Covid pandemic. (Some call it a “psyop”). He argued that we are seeing a Mass Formation being created in many of these instances listed above. He said that the Powers-That-Be in control deliberately create a sense of chaos; and try to convince citizens that events are out of their control. The premise is that citizens will passively accept a “new normal”, and reduce their expectations for order and material gain, as the Powers-That-Be seek to change the world around them.

Some will look at these events, and see evidence of the End Times. Perhaps.

It is certainly possible that at least some of the events of the last week or two are intended to distract from Joe Biden’s bombing of the Russian pipeline.

I can’t help but remember how Barack Obama moved into a huge mansion in Washington, D.C. immediately after he left the presidency. My suspicion is that his silent hand is behind many of the instances listed above in coordination with other parties.

There was an interesting item reported over the last couple of days. It turns out that Samantha Power is being sent to Hungary to instigate a Color Revolution there— just as Obama’s crowd pushed one in Ukraine nearly a decade ago, and here in the United States three years ago. Hungary is one of the few remaining holdouts against the transnational socialism and cultural Marxism being forced on everyone.

One thing we should have learned over the last several years is that things are not as they might superficially appear. We can’t rely on the impressions the media seeks to imprint on us.


2 thoughts on “Whose Interests are Served by Intensifying Chaos?

  1. End of times.. I don’t know about that but all the above events are indeed perilous. . I give the sentient American people more credit than to be manipulated into cowering fear by the Marxists and their friends in the left wing media. I am confident that when the 2024 primaries shake out that the GOP will find a Victor Orban like figure on the ticket. Ora Pro Nobis.

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