Senator JD Vance on the Ohio Derailment/ Massive Toxic Exposure Event

The climate change environmentalists, all of a sudden, are fairly unconcerned with a major incident such as this. And they were unconcerned with all the gas liberated with Biden’s bombing of the Russian Nord Stream pipeline. Seems a bit curious:


4 thoughts on “Senator JD Vance on the Ohio Derailment/ Massive Toxic Exposure Event

  1. Yes, it is getting curiouser and curiouser. The EPA has spent the last 50 years scaring the heck out of us over the hazards of polyvinyl . Now they seem insouciant over this catastrophe. Mayor Pete has got to go. We need some adults in the room.

    1. Lots of them need to go, Fred. Vinyl chloride was a board question in my specialty, Fred– causes angiosarcoma of the liver. Phosgene causes pulmonary edema (fluid buildup in the lungs) and respiratory failure. Of course, the dose makes the poison, and cancers take years to develop. It would be interesting to know what has been rolling into the ER’s in the vicinity. I hope not much…

  2. Dare I say this is an absolute train wreck! The commentary I’ve heard on this is mind blowing. The ecological damage is unfathomable. Think of all the farms down river that get watered with Ohio River water. While that’s bad, it doesn’t stop there! The Mississippi is going to be contaminated along with the crops that get watered by it. Not to mention the chemicals in the atmosphere that have to fall somewhere. My goodness……what an absolute mess!

    1. It IS a mess, Tommy. I don’t know how “persistent” these chemicals are in the environment– soil and water and surfaces, etc. But it was a huge event, with enormous clouds of smoke and large amounts of nasty chemicals liberated, and people driven from their homes. But now there are as many as 5 or 6 chemicals involved, each of which will act differently. Cancers typically have a latency period (from the time of exposure to the time of diagnosis) of roughly 5-10 years, so lots of people will need to be studied for a long time.

      Now Bannon is reporting that an order was given to burn off the chemicals, but it is unknown who gave the order.

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