Has the Southern Baptist Convention Been Taken Over By The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship?

First, a bit of background for those unfamiliar with the history. Back during the 1960’s and 1970’s, the Southern Baptist Convention was controlled by liberals. With all the social turmoil that was occurring at that time, the convention’s leadership was more similar to liberal mainline Protestantism than they were to […]

JD Greear Says Good Samaritan Story Proves Islamists Should be Able to Spread Their Religion

HT: The Dissenter The below video highlights Durham pastor JD Greear, the former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, making the case that the Good Samaritan parable taught by Jesus Christ means that radical Islamists ought to be able to spread their beliefs here. That is, of course, a completely […]

“Church Plants” and the Southern Baptist Convention

I just had the opportunity to finish reading a book written by Dr. Charles Kelley who has been President and Professor at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. The book is “Best Intentions: How a Plan to Revitalize the SBC Accelerated Its Decline”. I am going to summarize the points he […]

Did Rick Warren Make An Extortionary Threat Against The Southern Baptist Convention?

Once again, the meeting occurs this week. Rick Warren appears to be poised to force the issue of female pastors. Check this out: (HT: Fred) During a recent podcast with Christianity Today Editor-in-Chief Russell Moore, he warned, “We [Saddleback churches] don’t need the Southern Baptist Convention. They need the 6,000 purpose-driven churches […]

What Will Happen at the Southern Baptist Convention This Week?

Within Southern Baptist circles, all eyes are on New Orleans with week where the national meeting will take place. The Conservative Baptist Network is running Pastor Mike Stone from Emmanuel Baptist Church in Blackshear, Georgia to be the president of the Convention. The Convention has been under the control of […]

Why Is the Southern Baptist Convention Losing Members in Spite of Its Plans?

The Disntr recently reported that the Southern Baptist Convention has lost large numbers of members and churches during recent years. That website attributes this loss, in part, to abandoning biblical fidelity and adopting more progressive cultural stances. One example is the leader of the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission– […]

Southern Baptist Convention Disavows in Court its Own Sexual Abuse Report

Imagine the following: That is a description of the recent history of the Southern Baptist Convention. The details are here. It appears their ill-considered designs are imploding on them. Addendum: A pastor named Mac Brunson has aligned himself with the Conservative Baptist Network. This is a gentleman who has spent […]