US Dept. Of Justice Exonerates Southern Baptists

There was a pretty interesting story at the Christian Post a couple of days ago.

Readers will recall the extraordinary measures taken by the Southern Baptist Convention in response to allegations of sexual abuse. Part of this– but not all– was motivated by a decision at Joe Biden’s US Department of Justice to investigate the Convention.

In any case, the Christian Post article reports that Biden’s Justice Department will not be charging the Southern Baptist Convention because it could find no evidence of wrong-doing.

The mere fact that Biden’s DOJ was investigating the Convention is wildly inappropriate. But that is not the point.

I had posted here recently about an essay at the Dissenter suggesting that the entire effort within the Southern Baptist Convention was misbegotten; and represented an attempt to enact a certain cultural and political agenda. He characterized it as…

a vessel for advancing progressive agendas, including the push for egalitarianism and the dismantling of biblical patriarchy. The relentless branding of traditionalist biblical convictions and doctrine as inherently oppressive serves not just to reform but to reshape the SBC’s foundational beliefs and practices.

It’s a power play, veiled as a moral crusade, aiming to erode the strongholds of biblical doctrine under the guise of sex abuse “reform.”

The entire episode has cost the Southern Baptist Convention a great deal. But it appears the Dissenter was absolutely right with his description.


2 thoughts on “US Dept. Of Justice Exonerates Southern Baptists

  1. Looks like a lot of turmoil is festering within in the SBC despite being cleared ( of what ? ) by DOJ.

    1. My understanding is that they were cleared of covering up sexual abuse claims. It is beyond me as to what rightful authority the DOJ has to investigate the SBC for a matter such as this.

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