Mark Walker Drops Out of Congressional Race

The details are here. That leaves the path clear for the Trump-endorsed candidate– Addison McDowell. Walker was appointed to work for the Trump campaign as a liaison for “faith groups and minority communities”. He would presumably have a job within the administration if Trump were elected. During Trump’s first term, […]

NC GOP Chair Will Be Trump’s “Achilles Heel”

Donald Trump has endorsed or appointed establishment GOP types many times. Recall that one of these is Michael Whatley– the NC GOP chair– who Trump wants to lead the Republican National Committee. John Kane ran against Whatley for NC GOP Chair. The election was conducted by cell phone app and […]

“Conservative” House Speaker Passes Welfare Expansion

Part of the deal passed is “refundable tax credits” for children in the household. These amount to welfare subsidies extended even to those who file tax returns who don’t have to pay any taxes. They would get a refund. This bill was passed even when our national debt is exploding. […]

Tennessee Lawmakers Outlaw Green/ Globalist Agenda; Whither NC?

I saw a pretty interesting item. State legislators in the state of Tennessee have banned the state from participating in any of the UN/ globalist schemes like Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. They have also stepped back from the climate change nonsense. It appears that there are some pretty solid […]