Mark Walker Drops Out of Congressional Race

The details are here.

That leaves the path clear for the Trump-endorsed candidate– Addison McDowell.

Walker was appointed to work for the Trump campaign as a liaison for “faith groups and minority communities”. He would presumably have a job within the administration if Trump were elected.

During Trump’s first term, bills were passed that would direct more monies to black colleges and universities; and that also reduced sentences for certain crimes at the federal level. These were two Trump-endorsed initiatives in which Walker played a part, according to my recollection.

Sending federal taxpayers’ money to any college or university is unconstitutional because it violates Article 1, Section 8 of the constitution that grants Congress only limited enumerated powers. But in addition, sending monies specifically to black colleges and universities violates the 14th Amendment of the constitution that is supposed to assure equal protection under the law.

Some conservatives have been concerned that the “jailbreak bill” that was passed at that time would lead to higher crime levels. And here we are.

Trump, Walker and other Republicans rightfully are interested in increasing black support for the GOP. However, Trump’s efforts to reduce illegal immigration and apply tariffs to imports went a long way in this direction because it increased the earning power of working class blacks. Many of them now recognize they did better under Trump than under Biden.

Some might suggest that throwing money at black colleges and letting people out of prison might be vote-buying efforts. Perhaps so, at least to some extent. But these also represent bad policy.


2 thoughts on “Mark Walker Drops Out of Congressional Race

  1. That’s odd. I had never heard of Addison McDowell. Well he has got Trump’s endorsement and a newly drawn 6th district and thus should be elected.

    As for pardoning ( Jailbreak Bill ) simple marijuana convictions , no one was released from federal prison as a result.

    And it does not affect some 3,000 people convicted of higher level marijuana crimes who remain in federal prisons,

    1. Interestingly, Fred, I am now going to be represented by Virginia Foxx (and your old home is likely part of her new district also). But the McDowell/ Walker district captures part of Guilford County and is therefore of interest. McDowell apparently has worked for Ted Budd and is a friend of Donald Trump, Jr. He therefore had a couple of points of entry to the endorsement, but if I recall correctly, I don’t think he lived in the district.

      Trump must feel McDowell will be “with the program”. But he has made bad endorsements before, including most recently Mike Rogers for US Senate in Michigan.

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