Why Are Republican Congressmen Dropping Like Flies?

On Friday, a Republican congressman– Mike Gallagher– announced he was resigning from Congress in a few weeks. Over the last several months, there has been a series of multiple GOP members who have resigned. That is highly unusual, because politicians tend to crave power and attention, and voluntarily resigning is contrary to their nature.

Also, the GOP leadership itself pushed out George Santos within the same time frame.

This means that the Republican majority in the US House of Representatives has shrunken to a bare minimum.

What has happened? Why are these GOP members voluntarily and abruptly leaving? I have a few potential hypotheses:

  1. Unhappiness over Kevin McCarthy being pushed out of the Speaker’s chair by conservatives within the caucus;
  2. Unhappiness over Donald Trump gaining greater control of the party;
  3. A desire to exact revenge or demonstrate spiteful behavior because of either #1 or #2; and/or
  4. An orchestrated plan to diminish or relinquish the GOP majority.

Roger Stone has floated a theory regarding why this has happened. I don’t know how true his theory might be:

Paul Singer is a Jewish multi-billionaire from New York City who espouses LGBT causes. He is a Republican mega-donor.


6 thoughts on “Why Are Republican Congressmen Dropping Like Flies?

  1. Who knows. They all may have their own particular reasons for jumping ship. I would hate to see Hakeem Jeffries as speaker.

  2. The lack of “team loyalty” to an extremely fragile majority, much less honoring the pledges made to constituents during the election, is remarkable… and marks these individuals as people of too little commitment to ever merit the vote of a conservative again.

    Can’t discount Stone’s suspicion. Dems have the money (much of it from IVs attached to the taxpayers).

    1. Healey, if it is this fellow Singer paying them off, that is a Republican megadonor.

      I agree with you that the sense of duty and loyalty seems to be nearly non-existent. Not a good look for the deserters.

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