Roy Cooper’s “Social Justice” Supreme Court Picks

His appointment of Allison Riggs represents the second state supreme court justice who had previously worked for the Southern Coalition for Social Justice– the leftist activist legal group. The other is Justice Anita Earls who recently has been the object of a major inquiry regarding possible judicial misconduct.

Activist NC Supreme Court’s Swan Song: Justice Ervin Just Like his Grandfather

The socialist-controlled NC Supreme Court issued a couple of activist decisions late last week regarding Voter ID and NC Senate redistricting. In a couple of weeks, the court will be under Republican control because of the elections last month. The citizens of the state of NC had passed a constitutional […]

US Supreme Court Considers North Carolina Congressional Gerrymandering Case

The Carolina Journal has two good articles about deliberations at the US Supreme Court today. Recall that the socialists picked up a large number of congressional seats in North Carolina one month ago because our state Supreme Court had mandated new districts. The socialists on the state’s high court had […]