Activist NC Supreme Court’s Swan Song: Justice Ervin Just Like his Grandfather

The socialist-controlled NC Supreme Court issued a couple of activist decisions late last week regarding Voter ID and NC Senate redistricting. In a couple of weeks, the court will be under Republican control because of the elections last month.

The citizens of the state of NC had passed a constitutional amendment enacting Voter ID. But these socialist judges, with extraordinary arrogance, held that Voter ID violates the law and the constitution.

Gerrymandering was considered legal in North Carolina when the democratic socialists controlled the state. And they used it with impunity. But when Republicans gained control, the socialists suddenly found creative interpretations to claim it is illegal. Remain mindful that the Constitution and the law had not changed. They merely pulled rationalizations out of thin air to achieve the outcome they wanted. And it worked because their fellow travelers sit on the bench.

Both rulings on Friday were 4-3. Nearly everyone acknowledges that three of the socialist judges are far-left activists. But the media/left complex has sought over the years to maintain the fiction that Justice Samuel Ervin IV is a moderate. This gentleman has spent eight years on the state’s highest court.

Justice Ervin is the grandson of the late Senator Sam Ervin who famously chaired the Watergate committee. The media absolutely loved Senator Ervin, repeatedly referring to him as a country lawyer with a southern drawl. I remember it very clearly.

This past weekend, I watched an interview featuring a gentleman named Geoff Shepard. He has written a couple of books about the concerted efforts to remove Richard Nixon from power back during the 1970’s. He devotes a chapter in one of his books to the Ervin committee.

Shepard has uncovered documents that had only recently been released within the last decade that, he asserts, prove his overall thesis. What was that thesis? That the congressional Democrats in concert with the Deep State conspired together to remove Nixon. He described Senator Ervin’s committee proceedings as a partisan witch hunt. The old Senator was NOT a simple country lawyer.

And the late Senator’s grandson on the NC Supreme Court is not a moderate. He is a progressive/socialist judicial activist, just like the other three justices he joined in these rulings on Friday.


4 thoughts on “Activist NC Supreme Court’s Swan Song: Justice Ervin Just Like his Grandfather

  1. The people of NC have spoken. Good riddance to bad garbage. The Supreme Court now has a conservative majority. Thank the Lord


    “In 2018, North Carolina’s legislature passed a law to require voter ID in elections. Left-wing activists challenged the statute, which has overwhelming public support, and last Friday, a lame-duck North Carolina Supreme Court struck down the law. At the same time, in a separate case, the Court invalidated the Republican legislature’s redistricting plan. For now, let’s focus on voter ID:

    Both rulings were 4-3 decisions, purely along party lines with all the court’s Democrats in the majority and all the Republicans dissenting.
    In the voter ID ruling, the Democratic justices noted that Republicans had rushed to pass the law during a lame-duck session, after Democrats had taken away some of their power in the 2018 midterms. In a press release Friday, House Speaker Tim Moore said now it’s the Supreme Court doing the same thing, with the parties reversed.

    The 4-3 majority on the North Carolina Supreme Court expedited hearing of these cases so they could be decided by Democrats. As of January, the Court will have a 5-2 Republican majority.

    Why would a voter ID requirement, which polls indicate is supported by around 70% of Americans, including large majorities of minorities, be illegal?

    [Justice] Earls wrote that “even though the General Assembly had reason to know that African-American voters would be disproportionately affected by (the law), it still chose to pass a law that required the specific IDs African-American voters disproportionately lack.” A dissent from the court’s Republican justices, however, argues that “there is no evidence that (the law) was passed with race in mind, let alone a racially discriminatory intent.”

    Basically, it is an article of faith among Democrats that if you try to prevent voter fraud, you are discriminating against African-Americans. Liberals apparently believe that blacks commit a lot of voter fraud. I don’t know about that, but evidently a lot of Democrats do commit voter fraud, or else why would Democratic politicians and judges be so viciously hostile to any effort to promote ballot integrity?

    This story will have a happy ending, courtesy of voters who want honest elections:

    The rulings came at the last minute for the voting rights activists who won the cases, since in January the court will switch to a Republican majority. GOP judges swept all of this year’s statewide midterm elections.


    Republicans, who hold a majority in both houses of the state legislature, vowed to pass another — perhaps even stricter — voter ID law in response to the court’s ruling.

    Let’s hope they follow through.”

    1. It goes without saying that opposition to voter ID requires a condescending, patronizing attitude toward blacks, implying they are incapable of carrying an ID. It is very interesting, because for a few of the services I provide in my office, the government REQUIRES that an ID be shown.

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