US Supreme Court Considers North Carolina Congressional Gerrymandering Case

The Carolina Journal has two good articles about deliberations at the US Supreme Court today. Recall that the socialists picked up a large number of congressional seats in North Carolina one month ago because our state Supreme Court had mandated new districts.

The socialists on the state’s high court had engaged in judicial activism. Until the Republicans took over the NC General Assembly, gerrymandering was considered to be entirely acceptable and ordinary within the state of NC. But the left’s legal juggernaut has no shame; and the Marc Elias crowd used matters related to race nationwide in order to skew elections. Twisting and shaping the legal apparatus to achieve their political ends is their hallmark.

And sadly, the Republicans often allow them to do it.

The take-home message from the two Carolina Journal articles is that it seems likely the Republican-appointed justices on the US Supreme Court will apply some type of limited remedy. The issue is that the US Constitution says that state legislatures– not the courts– establish how congressional elections are to be conducted within their respective states.

A remedy from the high court in this case would be welcome. But the left’s manipulation of the legal system to achieve their political goals– i.e., cultural Marxism, socialism, authoritarianism and globalism– needs to be systematically dismantled.


2 thoughts on “US Supreme Court Considers North Carolina Congressional Gerrymandering Case

  1. TC: Good run down on this case.

    Yes. I am confident that the SCOTUS will deliver a right and just decision.

    Got to live by the US Constitution.

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