Pastor Chuck Baldwin on Christians, the United States and the Palestinian Protests

I do not agree entirely with the below video. I don’t think the Palestinian protests are to be commended when they become violent or disrupt school activities; when they consist of recent immigrants badmouthing the United States or promoting Islamic supremacy; or when they are an instrument of the left’s […]

Should the Nation of Israel Be Extending Financial Aid to the United States?

In the midst of the war pitting Hamas vs. the nation of Israel, both the Republicans and democratic socialists in Washington overwhelmingly agree that it is imperative for the United States to extend a financial aid package to Israel. A bill has been developed and passed the House that extends […]

How Did the Hamas Terrorists Pull Off Their Attacks?

Reasonable observers are correct to question what happened in Israel three weeks ago. The nation’s border security, surveillance capabilities and military are among the most advanced in the world. Yet, extremely low-tech Hamas terrorists were able to breach their heavily fortified border and operate unrestrained for many hours. A documentary […]