Should the Nation of Israel Be Extending Financial Aid to the United States?

In the midst of the war pitting Hamas vs. the nation of Israel, both the Republicans and democratic socialists in Washington overwhelmingly agree that it is imperative for the United States to extend a financial aid package to Israel. A bill has been developed and passed the House that extends $14 billion to Israel, to be paid for with cuts to the bloated Internal Revenue Service. Recall that this agency has recently been funded lavishly by the Uniparty so it can go after upper middle class taxpayers.

Given the magnitude of our national debt, we do not rightfully have the money to be spending on foreign aid or on any non-essentials.

There is a measure of financial stability or solvency for sovereign nations. It is the ratio of debt to Gross Domestic Product (i.e., Debt/GDP). How do we interpret this number? The higher the ratio, the less solvent and financially stable the nation.

This nifty website details the ratio for most major nations.

The result for the United States? 129%.

The result for Israel? 60.9%

Therefore, the nation of Israel is much more stable financially and solvent than the United States.

Perhaps we should be receiving aid packages from Israel.

Congressman Tom Massie from Kentucky was the sole Republican who opposed the aid package. Here is his response to critics:


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  1. Biden’s policies ( like not enforcing the oil sanctions ) encouraged Iran to sponsor more terrorism.

    I question the endless aid we are pouring into Ukraine.

    Interesting chart.

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