Should the Nation of Israel Be Extending Financial Aid to the United States?

In the midst of the war pitting Hamas vs. the nation of Israel, both the Republicans and democratic socialists in Washington overwhelmingly agree that it is imperative for the United States to extend a financial aid package to Israel. A bill has been developed and passed the House that extends […]

It Was Christianity That Produced Emphasis on Human Dignity and Rights

Dave Brat is a former congressman who has an administrative position at Liberty University. His field is economics. He raises an alarm that our elites and our uniparty are producing deficits and a level of debt that is going to lead to immense hardship. He argues that previously our economic […]

Thom Tillis’ Justification for Voting in Favor of the Debt Ceiling Deal

I sent Thom Tillis an e-mail message asking him to oppose the debt ceiling bill. He came back with a form response justifying his vote in favor of the bill. (Ted Budd, to his credit, voted against it.) Here are excerpts from Tillis’ letter: Without Congressional action to raise or […]