Jim Jordan’s Obstacles

Many conservatives like Jim Jordan because of his swagger and his apparent willingness to fight for what is right. The concern, however, is that of late he tends not to deliver the goods.

Jordan is, however, the best potential US House Speaker we might have at this point to right the ship.

A great conversation between Steve Bannon and Russ Vought reveals that it is the “old bulls” in the House GOP caucus– i.e., the establishment moderates who wield power in certain key committees– who represent the greatest potential challenge to Jordan over the next several days:


2 thoughts on “Jim Jordan’s Obstacles

  1. I think the chaos narrative is overplayed. Trump and Gaetz have endorsed Jordan and he will be the next speaker of the house.

    1. I hope so, Fred. A very small number of establishment moderates can put a stop to it, as Gaetz did with his cohorts back in January. Now, there is a perceived need to pass legislation to help Israel that might help get Jordan seated, but Biden already has the authority he needs to do so.

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