Laying Out The Case Against Trump

This interview took place before Ron DeSantis withdrew from the presidential race yesterday. Congressman Massie is a good man; and in this video, he takes some fair shots at Trump, and probably a couple of unfair shots. He is correct that the electorate might turn against the former president presuming the evil socialists secure one or more convictions in the courts against him over the next nine months:


2 thoughts on “Laying Out The Case Against Trump

  1. Couple of points. First the Georgia indictment is going to blow up. Secondly Judge Cannon is slow walking the Mar- a -Lago case. Thirdly NY AG’s ( Letitia James) expected verdict will be overturned on appeal . Finally the J6 indictment by Krazy Eyes Killa Jack Smith will likely be dismissed ( UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, APPELLANT v. JOSEPH W. FISCHER, APPELLEE )

    MAGA !

    1. Thanks, Fred. I am not sure whether the New York conviction will be overturned. On the merits, it probably should be. However, the NY State Court of Appeals–the state’s highest court– and the lower courts also are overwhelmingly comprised of socialist judges. I wonder whether Trump can find an objective, fair judge there. If he is afforded a jury trial, he has a better chance. But would that happen before the election?

      And the DC judges/ juries likewise are contaminated for one of the Jack Smith actions. I think Cannon in Florida is only handling the classified documents case– correct? Again, the question is whether an appeal could be heard before the election if a conviction takes place.

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