What Will Be The Fate of “Silent Sam”?

There was an extremely obnoxious series of events recently in Charlottesville. The progressive/socialist crowd melted down the Robert E. Lee statue that had been the object of protests and counter-protests several years ago.

The act of destroying that statue has been described as an effort at extinction; execution; public humiliation; and/or vengeance. It certainly was not a spirit of reconciliation.

The question is now being raised as to whether the usual cultural Marxists will be doing the same thing to the “Silent Sam” statue that was removed from UNC Chapel Hill. (HT: Fred)

Their insatiable appetite for destruction will not be quenched until they are effectively opposed.


2 thoughts on “What Will Be The Fate of “Silent Sam”?

  1. A poem:

    by Chuck Porretto

    A Bright New Day

    Kick in that marble headstone, for he wore a coat of grey.
    He has no right to rest in peace upon our bright new day.
    Dismantle that old statue; for he battled for the south.
    And don’t you stand against us, either join or shut your mouth.

    Knock down that bloody obelisk; you know he owned a slave;
    and dump his wretched remnants deep inside an unmarked grave.
    The bearded top hat fellow, blow him up and knock him down.
    The Navajo will tell you that he scorched their sacred ground.

    The one that wore a wheelchair, let us purge him from the earth,
    His new deal was internment for the sin of Asian birth.
    And every war memorial is next upon our list.
    for the innocent collateral demands they not exist.

    Blow up that Black Hills mountain, as we feel the rush no more;
    for a roughish riding monger killing Spaniards by the score.
    The other peddled genocide against the native Sioux,
    and bondage is the stain upon the loathsome other two.

    Rip up the iron railway from our sea to shining sea.
    The Chinaman was chattel, as he toiled slavishly.
    Incinerate the White House, and then bury its remains;
    for some of its construction was completed wearing chains.

    There is no rest until our noble cause is finally through.
    And that is when we burn the flag adorned with red and blue.
    And now that we are at it, let us cross the briny sea,
    and topple every monument where righteous disagree.

    The Roman Colosseum, for the Christians that would bleed.
    The Arc de Triomphe glorifies a tyrant’s bloody greed.
    The Taj Mahal for celebrating executed kin.
    The tower up in London for the torture held within.

    We shall tear down Chichen Itza for its human sacrifice.
    The Vatican for patriarchal view of paradise..
    And all the German buildings that were built before the war.
    And every Ancient fortress that still stands upon a shore.

    The Pyramids an edifice to power over serf.
    The China Wall a racist, xenophobic love of turf.
    The world is full of evil, we shall right it with our force.
    And everyone is guilty….. Well except for us of course.

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