Kathy Manning’s Folly: New Activity At The Illegal Immigrant Site in Greensboro

The News and Record has a report this morning that suggests busloads of staff members are being shuttled to the new illegal immigrant facility in Greensboro. This facility, of course, is brought to us by Kathy Manning and Greensboro’s progressive/ socialist Jewish community. It is at the site of the […]

The Greensboro Illegal Immigrant Facility Has “No Current Activation Date”

The old, failed American Hebrew Academy at the intersection of Jefferson Rd. and Hobbs Rd. continues to sit idle. The Rhino Times had a good article recently that suggests the federal government’s plan to house illegal immigrants there has not yet been consummated. The article states, based on a recent […]

Illegals Fly Into Charlotte, Aided By Religious-Affiliated Organizations

HT: Carolina Plott Hound North State Journal: The U.S. government indirectly provides financial support for migrants by giving hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) via FEMA’s Emergency Food & Shelter Program,” Melugin posted on X in May 2023 in response to such a post by CBP. “The NGOs […]

Reporters Refused Entry Into Greensboro Immigrant Facility

The North State Journal has a good story outlining an attempt by its reporters to enter the grounds of the former American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro and to get information. In a nutshell, the guards slammed the gate in their faces (metaphorically). The facility was supposed to be operational by […]