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  1. Standing alone the refusal is simply curious. I would like more information before passing judgement.

  2. Actually we could consider Abbott an American Hero. Here are John Kass’ thoughts on the subject.

    Hero on the Border: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott
    By John Kass

    January 28, 2024

    ” When you think of men alone on the Texas border protecting settlers from murderous Comanche raiders, bandits and man-burners, you might think of Larry McMurtry’s Texas Rangers, hard men like Captain Woodrow F. Call and Captain Augustus “Gus” McCrae. They were always doing what needed to be done.

    You’re probably not thinking of the man in a conservative blue suit and rep tie, sitting calmly in a wheelchair.

    But there he is. So take a look: Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, hero of the American border.

    Yes, what Abbott has done is heroic. There is no question about this. Only mentally defective Bolsheviks, left-wing journos and Democrat activists lunatics would say otherwise.

    Abbott has called out President Joe Biden for failing to do his duty under the law to protect our border. And what is heroic is that he has focused the American people on what is truly important: the border, the border, the border.

    Biden has done everything he could to personally destroy the border. He could shut down the border immediately by simply following the law. But he has refused to follow federal law. He’s made the border even worse. And every Democrat who supported him should be held responsible and subject to criminal indictment. Biden should be indicted by a Texas Grand Jury for what he’s done. And if convicted after trial by jury in Temple or Waco, not exactly hotbeds of lefty politics. CNN and MSNBC should send reporters, even to a hanging.

    Abbott is the one person who has convinced Americans that the warnings they’d heard previously about the broken border were real, and that those warnings couldn’t be brushed off by Joe Biden and his Democrat surrogates who had broken it–allowing millions upon millions of illegals into America and truckloads of poisonous Chinese-made fentanyl–plunging our nation into chaos.

    The only groups not aligned against Biden are the Mexican drug cartels.

    By sending illegal migrants where they wanted to go, Abbott brought Biden’s broken border to every city in America. He was assisted by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sending illegals to Martha’s Vineyard the playground of wealthy American elites like Barack and Michelle Obama who turned the migrants away helped highlight the walls-for-me-but-not-for-thee hypocrisy. America owes DeSantis a debt, too.

    But the southern border of America is in Texas. And Texas is the home of the Alamo.

    I read about the Alamo when I was a little boy bedridden with pneumonia, living for what seemed to be weeks in a plastic oxygen tent at Little Company of Mary hospital. My mother gave me a copy of John F. Kennedy’s ghost-written “Pulitzer Prize” book “Profiles in Courage.” It was easy to think of political leaders in such glowing terms. We were encouraged to think of them as gods, as heroes, in part because the Imperial Presidency dovetailed with the Imperial American Media.

    I hadn’t done serious reading. I was a little kid. I had read “Treasure Island” but I hadn’t thought about President Eisenhower and his warning about the Military Industrial Complex. I hadn’t yet read about the Deep State and “1984” and the Kemalists of Turkey and their counterparts in America, in the bi-partisan Combine city of Washington D.C.

    But things change.

    I grew up, became a man and put away the things of a child.

    I don’t like portraying politicians in mythic terms. They’re not gods. They’re human like the rest of us, and so they’re born sinners with feet of clay, and it’s too easy to manipulate Americans, particularly the weak-minded into thinking of political gods.

    Politicians think it’s useful. But I don’t.

    I’m cautious and none too fond of making heroes out of politicians. It doesn’t really work. Politicians are by their very nature people who seek to compromise on their ideals, politicians have nothing in common with the Texans who fought the Comanche War chief Buffalo Hump or stood up to Santa Anna at the Alamo.

    The politician is soft. The hero is uncompromising, and is naturally despised or regarded with suspicion as the years pass. The hero doesn’t care if he or she is liked. But the politician, by nature, wants to be loved, and so they trade their rigid outlooks for a softer posture.

    The politician trades for better deals. Soft hands and blarney purring what Americans know are lies. I don’t think any of us think of heroes when we consider suits like Biden or the Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, R., Ky. who would trade our border security to make the Ukrainian tough guys happy.

    McConnell is a Combine boss, and those of us from the Midwest understand. The Combine cuts down any weed in its way. I’ve seen the same kind of Combine Republican conspire with Combine Democrats to kill the once-great state of Illinois. Their media friends call them the “Unity Party.” But they’re not about unity. They’re corporate gangsters in pinstripes.

    Mitch McConnell is a Combine Republican the way his counterpart and partner Sen. Charles Schumer of New York is a Democrat. With apologies to Kurt Vonnegut (and those with delicate sensibilities) I’ll best explain this way:

    McConnell and Schumer would sell a rat’s asshole to a blind man for a wedding ring.

    Biden has allowed millions, upon millions, of illegals to crossover In part because Republican Chamber of Commerce types want cheap labor, in part because Democrats want cheap votes to replace blacks and others who threaten to bolt from the Democrat Party. Many of the migrants are on the terror watch lists. Many travel alone, young men of military age, coming from China and Africa.

    Disaster came to us on September 11, 2001, when almost 3,000 Americans were killed in the deadliest terrorist attacks in our history. We’ve forgotten, haven’t we?

    Make no mistake that this is an invasion of millions of people and this is no accident. Black Democrat voters understand. They’ve been treated poorly by Democrats for decades and now Biden has their children moved out of their own schools and parks to make way for the Democrat replacements.

    In the big cities, in New York, and Chicago and elsewhere the white man from the White House plays loyal black voters for fools.

    This is an invasion with millions upon millions streaming across our borders on invitation from Biden and the Democrats. Greg Abbott and other Republican voters have joined the fight. Right now they’re fighting in court.

    It’s a good place for this argument in the courts. The alternative is we all grab the tomahawks and play like the Comanches. And who gets to walk away unbloodied? Nobody.

    If you follow local Chicago politics, then you know that Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson–the host of the upcoming Democrat National Convention–is cracking under the strain of all this. He is reportedly suffering from panic attacks. And one of the sources his panic is the passive aggressive Gov. J.B. Pritzker who tells us he is “deeply concerned.”

    “Deeply concerned” Governor Big Boy? Who the hell talks like that JB? A man doesn’t talk like that. I wouldn’t trust you to watch my back.

    I’ve spent my career covering the egg-suckers of Chicago politics, race hustlers, the mouthpieces of the wise-guys, the lefty corporate elites and other crooked weasels. Mitch McConnell is of the breed. The Combine Boss himself.

    As the superb conservative magazine “The Federalist,” frames it, McConnell tried to bait-and-switch Americans on to benefit Ukraine and Biden. He’s failed. McConnell and his purring media cats insist that the deal fell through because it was Trump’s fault and Trump’s alone.


    As I’ve said before, Americans want to help Israel. They don’t like getting conned by McConnell and Romney and the rest of the Combine to send cash to Ukraine while ignoring the American border. Trump isn’t the issue here. You don’t like Trump’s style? Grow the bleep up.

    The issue here is American sovereignty. A country without borders isn’t a country. And a people who offer their throats to those who would slit those throats are sheep in every sense.

    And a party that cedes control of our border to the Mexican drug lords aren’t American. They’re traitors.

    Gov. Greg Abbott understands. Though he can’t walk, he has a spine of steel, facing Biden down.

    Abbott is truly a hero.

    And true Americans stand with him, and with Texas because we love our country and our people.

    We’re Americans. “

    1. Kass makes a good argument, Fred. I suppose the question, in the eyes of skeptics, is whether Abbott has another motive (or another set of motives).

      I disagree with Kass on one point. He says, “The only groups not aligned against Biden are the Mexican drug cartels.” In fact, the progressive/socialist donor class– heavily Jewish– is with Biden. In fact, they are driving his actions to a large extent.

  3. I’m skeptical. He has had plenty of time to handle the border issue in his state. At this point, if you will not denounce the WEF and their anti humanity, anti God rhetoric, I’m not so sure we’re on the same team. Just sayin…

    1. What would fuel a reluctance to denounce the WEF? I could think of a desire not to appear as if one is bullied; a desire to avoid stirring u the corrupt media; or a desire to avoid antagonizing the donor class. The GOP establishment’s strength lies in its ties to the donor class.

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