2 thoughts on ““We’re Going To War”

  1. What Carrell saw and reported on is the naked truth. This a time bomb ready to explode. Hopefully in 5 months the mass deportations will begin and the border will be closed. How does Joe Biden sleep at night knowing he caused this horrible mess ?

    When President Truman engaged Operation Wetback, the INS agents personally deported about 500,000 illegal immigrants. 3,000,000 fled the country expecting themselves to be next and not wanting to lose all their possessions when they were arrested.

    So if Trump deported 1 million, we could expect 6 million to flee and so on down the line.

    1. The time bomb ready to explode, Fred, is not just the Chicago blacks getting pushed aside by the Venezuelans. It is also illegals from China and the Middle East seeking entry onto US military bases and checking for vulnerabilities. We have a mess on our hands. Trump definitely has his work cut out for him if he is elected.

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